Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year from Tucker Tek Store and many of our Affiliated Companies too!

May all our visitors and customers have a great 2018, come visit us more often and see how Tucker Tek can help you and your Business Prosper.

In 2017, Tucker Tek changed their business model to put more focus on SEO services and affiliate marketing. SEO Services, we have been performing for 24 years now, 14 of those years managing the backend, a developers perspective.

The Internet and the Web have become a big part of peoples lives these days, and we’re no different, it is bringing us good friends and good business. We want our customers to be comfortable working with us, know that we will always do things right for them, educate them and ourselves while we’re at it too.

This past year, Tucker Tek took some chances, took on a lot of products and put our stake in on the Internet. Good things are coming in 2018, with more added services, products and partnerships. We are looking up for this year, through expansion, hiring more people throughout the year and growing our market exponentially!

Backlink and other SEO Services have been Added to our offerings!

Our partnerships are great, the tools we use are excellent, our customer relationship management goes over and beyond all expectations.

  • If you have questions, we will provide answers!
  • If you have a difficult development or marketing problem, we will help provide a solution!
  • If you want to see new products that we don’t carry, let us know through our contact page.
  • If you want services that we don’t offer, we will try and assist in finding someone who offers what you may need! Just drop us a note here and we will get back to you within 2 business days!

This has been our special New Year Message for all to see, I hope you follow us hereafter and see how we can all work together for an Excellent 2018 and beyond!

Thank you!


Tom Cullen


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