Accelerated Off-Season Goalie Training Lab Program

Don’t panic – – okay a little panic

Okay, don’t panic – breath – – – in through your nose…. Out through your mouth….

Does that feel better?


Goalie Training Lab will get you focused!  You know the old saying, “The best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago.  The second-best time is today.”?

Well, the same goes for your off-ice training.  The best time to start was May 1st, the second-best time is today, so let’s go because honestly, you don’t have time to mess around.

You also cannot skip the foundation work, the stuff that will strengthen your connective tissue and make you injury resistant during the rest of the off-season and into the season.

So please don’t think for a second that you can start sprinting, box jumping, doing shuttle runs, cleans, double knee recovery shuffles, resisted shimmy, BB hip drives, etc. and get there fast.

You still need to take each and every step, my friend.  Trying to do an accelerated program will give you gains in the short term, the dangerous part is that you will be reaching critical overload right around the time you are getting on the ice for tryouts and you know what happens to goalies who get injured during tryouts – – not good.

So here is your roadmap for these next 10-weeks before you hit the ice…

Goalie Training Lab
Goalie Training Lab

Now get off your computer and get training 🙂


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