Baseball Elite Swing Mechanics

How does the Elite Swing Mechanics Book work?

This is a digital product. After you complete your purchase, you will get immediate access to all Book file downloads, all video, all Book Updates and all bonus content. You will receive an emailed receipt and an email notification for your subscription to our email list for the follow-up program. (You will need to confirm your subscription for emails to begin.)

Step 1: Elite Swing Mechanics Book Content (PDF)

The information in the eBook is as boiled down as possible. My goal with the ebook was to be as concise and objective as I could be. I wanted to define and describe, not address every possible variation and swing error you will encounter. If I did this, the book would be MASSIVE and it would be overwhelming. The book is the foundation, the fundamentals of the swing. By understanding the information in the ebook, you will start to see how your specific problems can be addressed.

Step 2: Elite Swing Mechanics Audio Version (mp3)

The eBook audio version is great for people who don’t have time to sit down and read. Download the audio files, upload them to your iPod/iPhone or other MP3 player and listen when you are driving, when you work out or when you are traveling to a game. (You can even burn the files to a CD to listen to that way if it is easier for you.

Step 3: Instructional Video Series – Over 2 hours of Instructional Video!

The Instructional Video Series provides a visual to the more detailed/complicated sections of the book as well as the drills. The video will walk you through concepts and really show the movement explained in the written portion of the book.

Step 4: 14-Day Email Follow-Up Campaign

After your purchase, you will be signed up for our email list. The email follow-up will walk you through different aspects of the information and dig into more specific detail involving the WHY behind different concepts. This is a critical element of the “experience” that this book is set to achieve.

Step 5: Continued Research & Development

I work with hitters every day and study video extensively. From time to time, I will come across a situation that I will feel is something valuable to share. When this inspiration strikes, I will create a post that addresses specific problems.

My hope with this aspect of the book is that those who purchase the book will ask questions and send me the video. I am constantly amazed at the number of swing variations I see. The more I can offer specific solutions to specific problems, the more everybody learns! (So send me questions and video at!)

I don’t have timetables for this information. When it happens, you will get an email with a link to the information.

Step 6: Updates & Lifetime Access

You only have to buy this once! Because this is a digital product, I can easily make updates and add content over time. When this happens, I will email you and tell you what is new. Then you can log in and either download the new files or review the new content online.

What do you get?

Elite Swing Mechanics Book + Instructional Videos

Baseball Elite Swing Mechanics

This is not a cookie-cutter guide to the swing. This book will teach you concepts much more important than a list of drills. It will teach you how to get more high fives coming back to the dugout. Wait, what?

It is weird at first. Most people don’t realize there are different kinds of swings. Which means this info probably doesn’t jibe with what you currently believe about the swing. That’s what makes this information so powerful.

Elite Swing Mechanics is really about swing education. This leads to better swings and improved performance. More line drives, more power, more confidence. Elite Swing Mechanics are what the best hitters of all-time used. (Whether they knew it or not.)

Are you slightly computer savvy?
This is a digital product. You get immediate access to all of the written, video (3+ hours of content) and audio (audiobook) content as soon as you purchase and create your account. You’ll receive an email with complete instructions for accessing everything. I’ll also send you emails over the next 14 days to help guide you through the content.

You get lifetime updates too. As I keep researching and add info, you’ll get it. If you’re ready to learn about the swing, you’ll be digging through the book and videos in no time.

Then you’ll get hooked to the info and find yourself fighting to stay awake down a YouTube rabbit hole at 2 am with your eyes burning, hunting clips of every hitter you can think of. It’s all part of the process.



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